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The Public Sphere as a Site for Negotiating Citizenship (I)

- Chair: Khalid EL-AMIN
- Discussant: Ebrima SALL
- Speakers:

  • a) Serge Bernard Emmanuel ALIANA, Géophilosophie et déterritorialisation chez Gilles Deleuze: esquisse d’une nouvelle citoyenneté dans l’espace public postcolonial
    PDF - 252.5 kb Serge Bernard Emmanuel ALIANA (PDF, 252.5 kb)

  • b) Hussein A. MAHMOUD, Seeking Citizenship on the Border: Kenyan Somalis, Uncertainty of Belonging and Public Sphere Interactions
    PDF - 219.1 kb Hussein A. MAHMOUD (PDF, 219.1 kb)

  • c) Busuyi MEKUSI, Negotiating Nation-Building and Citizenship through the TRC’s ‘Dramatic’ Spheres: A Reading of Two Post-Apartheid Plays
    PDF - 280.2 kb Busuyi MEKUSI (PDF, 280.2 kb)

  • d) Melanie SAMSON, Wasted Citizenship?: The Role of Reclaimers Waste Pickers in South African Waste Management Systems
    PDF - 251.4 kb Melanie SAMSON (PDF, 251.4 kb)

  • e) Etanislas NGODI, Gestion des espaces publics au Congo Brazzaville: cas des parkings
    PDF - 256.7 kb Etanislas NGODI (PDF, 256.7 kb)

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