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The Media in the African Public Sphere (IV)

- Chair: Matlou MATLOTENG
- Discussant: Firoze MANJI
- Speakers:

  • a) Akeem Ayofe AKINWALE, Repression of Press Freedom in Nigeria’s Democratic Dispensation
    PDF - 321.8 kb Akeem Ayofe AKINWALE (PDF, 321.8 kb)

  • b) Hezron Ndunde OTIENO, From Cyberspace to the Public Rumor: Rumor, Gossip and Hearsay in the Paradoxes of the 2007 General Elections in Kenya
    PDF - 256.4 kb Hezron Ndunde OTIENO (PDF, 256.4 kb)

  • c) Addo MAHAMANE, Enjeux et ambivalence de la liberté de la presse en Afrique dans un contexte démocratique: l’exemple du Niger, 1990–2008
    PDF - 206.9 kb Addo MAHAMANE (PDF, 206.9 kb)

  • d) Jendele HUNGBO, The Wilderness of the Public Sphere: Clandestine Radio in Africa
    PDF - 241 kb Jendele HUNGBO (PDF, 241 kb)

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