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Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa



Call For Papers: CODESRIA Bulletin Numbers 2, 3 & 4 2017

CODESRIA is seeking short contributions for the 2017 editions of its quarterly bulletin. CODESRIA Bulletin (ISSN 0850-8712) is a peer-reviewed publication which aims to stimulate critical discussion and encourage research cooperation amongst African(-ist) researchers around key debates/questions in Africa. CODESRIA Bulletin contributes to setting the research and intellectual agendas of/on the continent, while also advancing theoretical, methodological, conceptual, interdisciplinary, and collaborative scholarship. The bulletin is published online and in print, and distributed free of charge to all universities and research institutes in Africa and beyond.

Focus: This year, we are re-imagining the bulletin by critically reflecting on and setting a future or ’futuristic’ research agenda with respect to ‘Africa in the world’, and ‘the world in Africa’. What are the big challenges, and what should be the key questions and debates? What are the issues we need to learn/deal with in our ’development’ process and what questions do we need to ask for our future? We are interested in contributions that engage/reflect on the place/role of research in Africa’s ’emergence’; in which scholars reflect on what they perceive as critical/priority research areas/questions/issues for Africa’s future. Through this, we are hoping to trigger discussions on Africa’s new/next generation ideas, scholars/researchers and initiatives/projects. Contributions should, amongst other things, focus on or be framed around specific fields, areas, fieldsites, methodologies, scientific models, theoretical and conceptual debates, etc. Articles of 1000 – 1,500 words will be accepted in English, French or Portuguese. Each article should be submitted with a short bio of the author and sent to: publications@codesria.sn

CODESRIA Bulletin Number 2, 2017 [ISSN 0850 – 8712]: Democratic processes, governance, citizenship and security in Africa

How Africa and all of the changes and transformations that define it today is and should be governed will constitute a major concern under this theme. Issues of democratization, the rule of law, human rights, and governance processes and mechanisms at local, national and international levels that continue to constitute some of the most important issues of concern in many African countries. Questions of citizenship, migration and issues related to belonging, language, voice, and the changing boundaries and configurations of nations, states and communities. Security with its multiple meanings, the panoply of evolving threats that compromise security and the regimes deployed to keep people, societies and institutions safe will also be central to this theme.

Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2017

CODESRIA Bulletin Number 3, 2017 [ISSN 0850 – 8712]: Ecologies, economies and societies in Africa

The interaction of human populations with the rest of the environment in Africa, the forms it takes, its histories and trajectories and its impact on a broad set of sectors including the continent’s burgeoning economies, properly understood as phenomena that are embedded in societies, will be the subject of work under this theme. The issues of land, food security and poverty in the developing world and especially in Africa have dominated public debates and are issues of global concern. Exacerbating these issues are the complex subjects of climate change and population growth. The evolving nature of rural and urban zones and the complex interactions between these is also of importance in throwing up challenges as well as suggesting possibilities. The roles of technological innovation in addressing challenges will also be addressed. Attention will also be paid to the possibilities for African structural transformation and the challenges of ensuring sustained growth and high employment that lead to the reduction of poverty and more equitable societies.

Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2017

CODESRIA Bulletin Number 4, 2017 [ISSN 0850 – 8712]: Higher education dynamics in a changing Africa

Over the last two decades, the renewed faith in and acknowledgement that higher education is a major driving force for improved standards of living, economic development and forging national cohesion in Africa has resulted in increased support to revitalize and expand higher education institutions. At the continental level, the African Union Commission has tied the realization of the objectives of its development blueprint, ‘Agenda 2063’ to the effective functioning of the higher education sector. The reform of African higher education along with the challenges of uncoordinated and uncontrolled growth in enrolments that challenge quality, the proliferation of institutions of higher education, increased crisis of graduate employability, the lack of differentiated institutions as well as programmes within each institution, to cater for different types of learners and needs of the continent will be subjected to critical investigation. The critical challenge of decolonizing higher education; crafting curricula and stimulating and supporting research that address what the continent needs remains a thorny one which has been at the centre of many interventions to revitalize African higher education.

Deadline for submissions: 31 October 2017

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