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Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa



CODESRIA Strategic Plan (2023–2027)

Strategic planning has been part of CODESRIA’s institutional culture for at least three decades. It is an acknowledgement that a dynamic continental and global environment may require us to periodically rethink how we accomplish our objectives. The planning processes allow this rethinking to happen in consultation with the African intellectual community.

The main strategic objective of the forthcoming 2023–2027 Strategic Plan is to increase the contributions of Africans to the task of understanding, interpreting and addressing the key challenges of the African continent.

To achieve this objective, CODESRIA intends, over the next five years, to focus on strengthening the capacity of African scholars in the social sciences and humanities. This will empower them to understand, interpret and produce knowledge that is relevant to our self-understanding. It will also enable them to share the transitions and transformations currently underway in Africa and the world.


Previous strategic plans:

CODESRIA Strategic Plan 2017-2021

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