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Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa



Mainstreaming Gender and Socio-cultural Inclusion in Global Change

Calling for experts based in South Africa in the fields of Gender and/or Socio-cultural
and/or Global change

With the aim of identifying innovative approaches to mainstreaming gender and socio-cultural inclusion within global change research, this project aims to bring together academics from different disciplines, primarily those who have expertise in gender theories and methodologies, socio-cultural epistemologies, and those with technical and scientific academic expertise in global change.

The motivation of this NRF funded project arises from the need to address gaps in research and knowledge development in the South African Global Change arena with regard to gender and socio-cultural paradigms. It also arises from the need to increase the engagement and capacity of women and women researchers to the development of knowledge in this field nationally, and to enhance inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary knowledge production. Gender and socio-cultural paradigms are both highly relevant and impactful knowledge fields that have been under-served within the South African Global change research agenda. A key purpose for this project is thus, to advance the frontiers of existing knowledge in these themes, and to facilitate and advocate for the growth of the research capacity required to enhance the delivery of this strategic national research and development goal.

This project serves as a pilot initiative aimed at initiating discussions and preliminary research on how gender theories, socio-cultural epistemologies, methodologies, approaches, and concepts can be used to mainstream gender and socio-cultural paradigms within global change research.

We are looking for 10 experts in the fields of gender methodologies and/or socio-cultural research and/or global change research who will together form the Expert Reference Group for this project. If you are interested in being part of this group you should be aware of the following: (see pdf file)

Mainstreaming Gender and Socio-cultural Inclusion in Global Change

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