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Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa

Sam Moyo (Zimbabwe) is professor and the executive director of the African Institute for Agrarian Studies (AIAS) based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He has more than 28 years of research and lecturing experience on rural development issues with a focus on land reform, agrarian change, environmental policy, and social movements.

He has lectured at the universities of Calabar and Port Harcourt in Nigeria, and at the University of Zimbabwe, and in various international training programmes. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at University of Fort Hare in South Africa, and an external examiner of various universities in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

He has been associated with the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Zimbabwe and ZERO (A Regional Environment Organisation) all based in Harare. He has worked as an Associate Professor at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe and as a Director for the Southern African Regional Institute for Policy Studies (SARIPS) based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He has worked as a senior advisor on land policy matters concerning various governments in the southern Africa region and also as vice-president of CODESRIA located in Senegal. He has acted as senior advisor and chair of numerous land networks such as the Southern African Network on Land (SANL), Land Rights Network of Southern Africa (LRNSA), and Knowledge Management Africa–Development Bank of Southern Africa (KMA-DBSA). He is the current President of CODESRIA and also serves in the various boards including: HAKIARDHI (Tanzania), International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs) in India, ZERO (Zimbabwe). He also a reviewer

and an editorial board member for the following: Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE), Journal of Peacebuilding and Development and the African Journal of International Affairs.

Vice President of CODESRIA from 1995 to 1998 and then President of CODESRIA from 2008 to 2011, Sam Moyo has been involved in several major publications, with key celebrated academic works being:

(1) Books which include: The Land Question in Zimbabwe (Harare: Sapes Books, 1995); Land Reform Under Structural Adjustment in Zimbabwe (Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute, 2000); African Land Questions, Agrarian Transitions and the State: Contradictions of Neoliberal Land Reforms, (CODESRIA Greenbook, Dakar: 2008);

(2) Articles: The Politics of Land Distribution and Race Relations in Southern Africa (New York: UNRISD, Sept. 2001); (co-authored with Paris Yeros): The radicalized state: Zimbabwe’s interrupted revolution. Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) No. 111: 103-121. 2007; (Co-authored with Paris Yeros): The Zimbabwe Question and the Two Lefts. Historical Materialism 15 (2007) 1771-204. BRILL. (2007);

(3) Co-edited various book publications which include (recently published): [co-edited with Paris Yeros]: Reclaiming the Land: The Resurgence of Rural Movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America (London: Zed Books, 2005); [co-edited with Kojo Sebastian Amanor]: Land and Sustainable Development in Africa (London: Zed Books, April 2008).