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The Launching of the Mo Ibrahim Index on African Governance 2010

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The last publication of The Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance was launched on Monday 4th October 2010 in Dakar. Speaking at the launching, Dr Ebrima SALL, The Executive Secretary of The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA). Stated "Senegal ranks 12th place out of 53 African countries,’’

During a press conference give by CODESRIA on the Monday in partnership with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Mr SALL stated "Senegal is ranked 12th out of 53 African countries with 57 point for the period 2008-2009’’. “Senegal”, he stated, ‘achieved a score above the regional average in West Africa at 50, ranking 4th out of 16 countries, and also scored above average on the continent with 49’’.

‘In general’, he stated, ’for Senegal, lower scores were allocated in terms of the national security and sovereignty of law, increase in the level of economic development and sustainable human development.’’

“Being launched simultaneously also in Accra (Ghana), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Nairobi (Kenya), the last publication of the Mo Ibrahim Index indicated also a sharp drop’’ in terms of political and human rights’ ‘in Senegal. This index assesses the provision of public goods and services delivered to citizens by government and non-state actors.”

“It consists of 88 indicators grouped into four main categories: Security and sovereignty of law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable economic development and human development’’.

The West Africa is the region which ranks third within the index. According to Dr Ebrima Sall, it obtained its rank second within the five following areas: “participation and human rights and’ Safety and sovereignty of law.’’

Cape Verde (74 points), he stated,’’ the country is the most powerful within region in the mentioned four categories and, consequently, the quality of governance’’.

Conversely, he noted, Guinea (36 points),’’which is the least powerful country in the region for overall quality of governance.’’ ’It does not have resources, we must know how to exploit this as it might lead to economic growth, an improved standard of living. Cape Verde is one of the few countries that have moved up,’ ’he stated.

The Director of Research and Public Policy for the MO Ibrahim Foundation, Nathalie Delapalme, however, indicated that this structure does not disseminate ’’policy.’’ ’’We have no political agenda, the Foundation has just given load indicators that analysts may use to decipher ,’’she said. ’We put at the disposal of civil society index (MO Ibrahim), you have to use it to your own, ’’she added.

Questioned on the Ibrahim Prize for good governance, which was not awarded for the past two years, Aisha Ba Diallo, former Minister of Education in Guinea and Director of Basic Education at UNESCO, said that this distinction is based on’ ’excellence’’. ’’There are criterias to be met, everything must be clear and in order,’’she added, before saying:’’So far, nobody has fulfilled these.

Senegalese Press Agency (APS), 4 October 2010

October 4 2010