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CODESRIA ranked as one of the top 25 Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa

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CODESRIA has been ranked as one of the 25 Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa for 2010 by the Global Think Tanks Index. The exercise, conducted annually by the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program (International Relations Program) of the University of Pennsylvania, is a rating of the leading public policy research organizations in the world.

The 2010 Global “Go To Think Tank” Rankings marks the fourth edition of what has now
become an annual report. For the year’s ranking, 6,480 Think Tanks in various parts of the world were contacted and encouraged to participate in the year’s nominations process. A panel of over 250 experts from around the world, across the political spectrum and from every discipline and sector, were assembled to help nominate and select public policy research centres of excellence that they felt should be recognized for producing rigorous and relevant research, publications and programs in one or more substantive areas of research.

At the end of the exercise, CODESRIA ranked as one of the 25 topmost Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa, taking the 9th position.

The objectivity and value of this kind of ranking is, as we know, debatable; but it still gives an idea of how CODESRIA is perceived, particularly with regard to the policy relevance of our work. It is therefore with pleasure that we note that CODESRIA is ranked among the top ten Think Tanks in Sub-Saharan Africa. The 2010 index seems to have covered quite a few institutions that were not in the 2009 Index, although there are still some other important research institutions and Think Tanks in Africa that are not covered.

CODESRIA, like Timbuktu, was not built in one day. Nor was it built by a small number of people working in a small secretariat in Dakar. It took the African social science community, and the many friends of Africa located in various parts of the world, many years of work to bring CODESRIA to where it is today. We would therefore like to express our sincere thanks to all of you, and congratulate you and ourselves. We know how much work there still is, and how much improvement is needed. We also know that the best is yet to come, if we can reaffirm our commitment to Africa and CODESRIA, and redouble our efforts to take the social sciences in Africa to higher levels of quality, relevance and engagement with the local, regional and global issues that our continent and people are confronted with. Thank you!

February 22 2011