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Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism ?

Samir Amin. Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism ? Oxford/Dakar/Bangalore, Pambazuka Press/CODESRIA/Books for change, 2010, 199 p., ISBN 978-1-906387-80-8

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With his usual verve and sharpness Samir Amin examines the factors that brought about the 2008 financial collapse and explores the systemic crisis of capitalism after two decades of neoliberal globalisation. He lays bare the relationship between dominating oligopolies and the globalisation of the world economy. The current crisis, he argues, is a profound crisis of the capitalist system itself, bringing forward an era in which wars, and perhaps revolutions, will once again shake the world.

Amin examines the threat to the plutocracies of the US, Europe and Japan from decisions of recent G20 meetings. He analyses the attempts by these powers to get back to the pre-2008 system, and to impose their domination on the peoples of the South through intensifying military intervention by using institutions such as NATO.

Amin presents original proposals for the way forward : an alternative strategy which, by building on the advances made by progressive forces in Latin America, would allow for a more humane society through both the North and the South working together.

novembre 29 2010