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Tribute to Hocine Khelfaoui

30th March 2013

Professor Hocine Khelfaoui

Hocine Khelfaoui who was a senior member of the CODESRIA and the African scholarly community died on Saturday, 30th March 2013. He devoted much of his life to the service of CODESRIA for which he was one of the main editors of the Journal of Higher Education in Africa. He worked with Yann Lebeau to produce a journal that enjoys international acclaim and is highly regarded by the research community. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the journal was published on time. His commitment also should be saluted for the personal involvement in the peer review process and mentoring he offered to young scholars. He put a lot of his time and energy at the service of the younger generation who were ready to take advantage and benefit from his great experience as a scholar and researcher.

Prof. Khelfaoui participated in many CODESRIA programmes and activities whenever he was called upon; he made himself available and attended to the duties with seriousness and unwavering commitment. Although he lived and worked in Canada, this reality never distanced him from the realities of the continent.

He was an authority on higher education and African society. Hocine was also respected for the quality of his teaching; he was a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), and he earlier taught at the Polytechnic Institute of Montreal. He was also a member of the Interuniversity Research Centre on Science and Technology (CSIRTs). His expertise was also sought after by international institutions including UNESCO for which he analyzed the different educational systems in different African countries, and the IRD for which he was the resident scientist in charge of several of its programmes.

In every sense, he was a humble and committed person, and a seasoned and serious scholar, a generous and open-minded teacher that the African scientific community and the world will miss greatly. CODESRIA salutes the memory of a man who contributed so much to generation of new knowledge and nature young talent.