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CODESRIA gets the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Integration Award 2013


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We are very pleased to inform members and friends of the African social community that CODESRIA is the recipient of the 2013 LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN REGIONAL INTEGRATION AWARD.

According to Professor Pablo Gentili, the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Social Science Council (CLACSO), the award has been given to CODESRIA in recognition of the work that CODESRIA has been doing over the years to promote regional integration through research, as well as South-South cooperation.

The ceremony at which the award was given to CODESRIA was held in Santiago, Chile, on 3 October, on the back of the Sixth South-South Institute, and the 29th Congress of the Latin American Sociology Association, both of which were held in Santiago.

This was the first time that the award, which CLACSO has been giving out for several years now, was given to a non-Latin American or non-Caribbean institution or person.

As he was receiving the award from the Executive Secretary of CLACSO, Dr. Ebrima Sall, the CODESRIA Executive Secretary, thanked CLACSO for the award, and said “we are extremely delighted by this award that comes in the year in which we are celebrating CODESRIA’s 40th anniversary; so we take the award as a very good 40th Anniversary present”.

October 11 2013