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Caribbean CSOs Speak Out On Dominican Republic Ruling

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We the representatives of Caribbean Civil Society Organizations meeting at the XIII IDB Civil Society Reunion in Cali Colombia from the 13th -15th of November 2013 stand in solidarity with the many voices that have been calling for a humane and just resolution to the situation facing the descendants of migrants in the Dominican Republic from 1929 especially the 200, 000 or more Haitian descendants affected by the ruling made on September 23rd 2013 by the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic. We are of the view that statelessness is a violation of Clause 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights embraced by the international community of States. The ruling has effectively revoked the citizenship of a segment of the Dominican Republic’s population. We condemn this act as immoral, unjust and totally unacceptable in a modern, civilized society and express grave concern for the welfare of all those persons that this decision has impacted. Caribbean Civil Society representatives gathered in Cali Colombia are appealing to the governments of the Caribbean, the United Nations, the International Court for Human Rights and other international organizations to intervene to bring a rapid and favorable end to this potential atrocity.

décembre 6 2013