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Way forward for Tanzania Gas and Petroleum sector

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When society uses commodities as gas and petroleum as means of creating courty’s wealth, it is imppossiple in the current symtem. In fact the discovery of natural resorces plunders Tanzanias and other Africans into a poverty trench this will be one of the main point of the coming report on gas and petroleum sector. Gas and oil both of them are important commodity for the society

Tanzanite in Manyara Lindi and Mtwara Gas and oil, Shinyanga Diamond, Morogoro and Ruvuma Uranium to list only few all of this resorcrs inlcuding other sector eg fishing agriculture and natural resorces benefit n few Tanzanians, available data in Tanzania Petroleum Development coparation (TPDC) the counrty has 43 Trillion cubic feet it is valued around $430 billion in current value.

Natural resource its Economic aspect as well its political aspect. Production aspect of Gas and oil is economic while the management of it is politics. Current reality the management of our natural resorces is left under the mercy of NGOs while the main responsibility should lie in the hand of the government ,to care for the sustainability of our enviroment, of course government has a job of making lucrative deals.

The main economic problem result from the subject of possessing the benefit, and not from producing the means which gives the benefit

Mwanza and Mara an example as major producer of Gold in Africa as we writing the article the schools lacks desk and sanitation. People would like to see the end of this trend but there is a great deal of learning process to achieve the transparency and acoountablility as well as to equipt individuals with the mechanism to demand their due.

The government is there to negotiate on behalf of the citicens and to show transparency of the policy and foreign agreement both of are them necessary evil without the government no foreign company can approach us for gas exploratiion as was the case of Somalia for the past 20 years

Oil reserve gas production will remain the focus in understandingTanzania politics, economic and international standing. Health care education are all dependent of the revunue collected in the industry as well as sustainability of our enviroment depend on the measure taken in the early stages of production.

Bizzerly the public expenditure and investment of infrastacture is put in the same box, we may auume both is ditribution of wealth, we should be able questioin which is which. How much is spend in public exependiture and how much much is used as invesment in infrastracture. Any infrasctracture has to have a link with the community.

Foreign companies not all of them are there to expolit our natural resource, some a here to provide expatise and know hows of exracting gas from the fields, certainly at this moment we do not have the expitise to get gas for our own domestic usage

Natural resources is matter it does not come with idea of utilisation, we agree as a society how to use for our benefit, although that does not exist today it can still be pursed to achieve the end
Free trade is exploitation of resource, human capital and of of course market for the cheap imports , this brings povrety, dependency and ecological disaster however society can adopt measuere to lessen the impact.

Iraq oil ministry adopt ed metering system as anti graft measure , Ghana Revenue Management Act has compell quaterly disclosure of payment , Liberia the Extrcting Industrie Transparency Inititative (EITI) has turned into a binding stutory requirement.

Tanzania can adopt this measure and many more as a way forward for the industry that is prone to graft and enviromental degradation.

January 31 2014