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Post-Referendum Sudan: National and Regional Questions

Post-Referendum Sudan : National and Regional Questions. Edited by Samson S. Wassara and Al-Tayib Zain al-Abdin. Dakar, CODESRIA, 2014, 232 p., ISBN : 978-2-86978-588-5

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June 18 2014



PDF 197.4 kb

Samson S. Wassara (1-12)

PDF 105.5 kb
Some Questions Regarding the Independence of South Sudan

Mahmood Mamdani (13-23)

PDF 142.5 kb
South Sudanese Pound Managed Under Floating Exchange Regime: Prospects and Challenges

Andrew Ssemwanga (183-208)

PDF 433.3 kb

Al-Tayib Zain Al-Abdin (209-216)

PDF 113.9 kb
Postscript on New Developments

Samson S. Wassara (217-220)

PDF 90.7 kb
The Consequences of the Referendum in Southern Sudan for the Country and the Region

Al-Tayib Zain Al-Abdin (27-38)

PDF 179.4 kb
Consequences of the Secession of Southern Sudan on the Region

Hamed Omer Hawi (39-50)

PDF 190.1 kb
Implications of Southern Sudan’s Independence for the Horn of Africa and Beyond

Kassahun Berhanu (51-70)

PDF 241.7 kb
Consequences of a Referendum in Southern Sudan for Sudan, Horn of Africa and neighbouring Regions

Samson S. Wassara (71-90)

PDF 256.1 kb
The Nation-Building Project and Its Challenges

Christopher Zambakari (93-120)

PDF 343.4 kb
Factors Shaping the Post-Referendum Nation-Building in Southern Sudan in Relation to the Sudan

B.F. Bankie (121-132)

PDF 159.4 kb
South Sudan’s Priority Development Programmes, Projects and Policies

Benaiah Yongo-Bure (135-158)

PDF 301.8 kb
Southern Sudan: Monetary and Financial Policies and the Case for a Separate Currency

Benaiah Yongo-Bure (159-182)

PDF 311.5 kb