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Privatisation and Private Higher Education in Kenya : Implications for Access, Equity and Knowledge Production

Ibrahim Ogachi Oanda, Fatuma N. Chege, Daniel M. Wesonga. ISBN: 2-86978-218-7; ISBN 13: 9782869782181; 108 pages,

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Over the last decade or so, the privatization of public universities and the growth in the number of
accredited private universities has picked up steadily in Kenya. The growth in the private university sector
has been more in the number of institutions than in the volume of students; while in the public universities, privatization has resulted in increase of the number of private students, whose enrolments in some
institutions and programs surpass the number of students on government sponsorship.

This book
delves into the implications and tensions that this development has occasioned in Kenya, as regards the
responsiveness of private higher education to issues of broadening access, equity considerations and the
traditional research function of universities.

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October 25 2008