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Press Release: Winner of the 2014 EKO Prize for Literature

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FRANCIS B. NYAMNJOH is the 2014 winner of the Eko Prize for Literature. The Judges based their decision on the laureate’s lifetime achievement as a prolific writer, critic, and promoter of the Arts in Cameroon, Africa, and the world at large.

A social anthropologist who has published several novels, plays, together with critical books and articles in internationally acclaimed journals; and who was named African Hero of the Year for 2013 by the African Student Union of Ohio University, USA, Francis Nyamnjoh has made a great impact on Cameroon’s and Africa’s cultural landscape. More specifically, he has been a great crusader in the promotion of African, specifically Cameroon, literature on the global space.

He gets a cash prize of $1000.00, plus a commemorative plaque on which his name is inscribed.

WINNERS OF THE EKO PRIZES FOR EMERGING ANGLOPHONE CAMEROON WRITERS, 2014 The winners of the Eko Prize for Emerging Anglophone Writers are: EKPE INYANG who wins the Poetry category for his collection of poems titled Death of Hardship; JOFFI EWUSI who wins the prose category for her book titled Christmas Carols in June; JOB FONGHO TENDE wins the drama category for his work titled Riding the Chariot of God; and CHARLES NFON who wins the nonfiction category for his work titled Ushered Out of One, Accepted at Another. They each receive the sum of $250.00 and a commemorative plaque on which the name of the winner is inscribed.

The Eko Prize for Literature is an award by the Eko Foundation for the Furtherance of Literature (EFFL), an educational foundation incorporated in the State of Iowa, in the United States of America, in collaboration with the Anglophone Cameroon Writers’ Association (ACWA).

The Prize-award ceremony is planned for January 2015.

Dr Mbuh Tennu Mbuh

See online: Press Release: Winner of the 2014 EKO Prize for Literature


December 16 2014