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Ghana : One decade of the Liberal State

Ghana : One decade of the Liberal State. Edited by Kwame Boafo-Arthur. Dakar/London, CODESRIA/Zed Books, 2007. , 303p., ISBN : 978-2-86978-199 3 pb ;

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This is a ground-breaking, nuanced and comprehensive book that grapples with how developping countires in
general, and Ghana in particular, have endured and responded to a decade of neo-liberal ascendancy. Based on astute
research, experiences and analysis, the book offers penetrating commentaries on recent socio-economic and political
developments in Ghana. A ‘must-read’ collection of excellent and stimulating ideas.

Mohamed Saluh, Professor of Politics of Development, University of Leiden and the Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands.

This, first book-length assessment of the latest experiment in liberal democracy in Ghana, is a timely study. It
shows, in an admirable way, both the progress and the still existing shortcomings in the institutionalization of
liberal democracy ; and will undoubtedly attract a wide readership in academic and policy-making circles.

Piet Konings, African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands.

juin 25 2007