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Gender, Science and Technology : Perspectives from Africa

Catherine Wawasi Kitetu. Gender, Science and Technology : Perspectives from Africa, Dakar, CODESRIA Gender Series Volume 6, 2008, 177 p., ISBN : 2-86978-221-1

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Science and technology is widely advocated as the indisputable foundation for political and economic power
in the modern world. However, it still remains marked by various layers and dimensions of gender inequality
that work to the disadvantage of girls and women. Despite the fact that a lot of awareness has been created
and that gender issues are now more readily acknowledged by various development initiatives in Africa,
participation in science and technology remains a hurdle as far as girls and women are concerned.

A common
theme that runs through the book is how feminine identities, ideologies of domesticity and gender
stereotypes, and the inadequacy or lack of clear policies facilitate the invisibility of women in science and
technology. This notwithstanding, women have never ceased devising clever and ingenious ways to enable
them to master nature, from the margins.

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mai 25 2008