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Elections and Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

Elections and Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. Edited by Osita Agbu. Dakar, CODESRIA, 2016, 196 p., ISBN : 978-2-86978-639-4

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Elections and Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic is a book about Nigerian politics, governance and democracy. It at once encompasses Nigeria’s post-colonial character, its political economy, party formation since independence, the role of Electoral Commissions, as well as, indepth analyses of the 1999, 2003 and 2007 general elections that involved extensive fieldwork. It also presents aspects of the 2011 and 2015 general
elections, while discussing the state of democratic consolidation, and lessons learned for achieving good governance in the country. It is indeed, a must read for students of politics, academics, politicians, statesmen and policy makers, and infact, stakeholders in the Nigerian democracy project. The book stands out as a well-researched and rich documentary material about elections in Nigeria, and the efforts so far made in growing

Osita Agbu is a Research Professor at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos. His specializations include Governance and Democratisation, Technology and Development, Post-Conflict Studies and Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. He was formerly, editor of the Nigerian Journal of International Affairs. His published works include Ethnic Militias and the Threat to Democracy in Post- Transition Nigeria, 2004; West Africa’s Trouble Spots and the Imperative for Peace- Building, 2006; and Ethnicity and Democratisation in Africa: Challenges for Politics and Development, 2011. He is published in many reputable journals.

February 7 2016