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Reforming the African Public Sector: Retrospect and Prospects

Joseph Ayee. Reforming the African Public Sector: Retrospect and Prospects. Dakar, 2008, 175 p., ISBN: 2-86978-214-4; ISBN 13: 9782869782143

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This Book is an in-depth and wide-ranging review of the available literature on African public sector
reforms. It attempts to contextualize the reform of the public sector and understand its processes, dynamics
and intricacies. The main observations and conclusions are illustrated with examples from differing country
experiences. It adopts a structural/institutional approach which underpins most of the reform efforts on
the continent.

An effort is made to examine the state and state capacity building in Africa, especially when there can be no
state without an efficient public sector. In addition, the book addresses a number of theories such as the
new institutional economics, public choice and new public management, which have in one way or another
influenced most of the initiatives implemented under public sector reform in Africa.

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June 26 2008