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Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Developing Sustainable Higher Education Leadership Models in Tanzania

J.F. Kessy, J.S. Kikula, A.L. Kaswamila, B. Kazimili, B.E. Mmary. CODESRIA, Dakar, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-86978-789-6

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Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania are increasingly facing a decline in government subvention and reduced funding from other sources, including Faith-Based Organizations. This has led to a noticeable shift in emphasis within universities from academic excellence to income generation, with adverse effects on teaching, research and community outreach performance. This study critically engages with these issues by firstly highlighting the key challenges confronting Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania; secondly discuss university leadership models that could potentially guide universities to deal with the predicament of decreasing financing; and thirdly document relevant best practices. It is based on a longitudinal study of nine private and public universities in Tanzania

J.F. Kessy, Department of Forest and Environmental Economics, Sokoine University of Agriculture.

J.S. Kikula, Department of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, Mzumbe University.

A.L. Kaswamila, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Dodoma.

B. Kazimili, Department of Physics, University of Dar es Salaam.

B.E. Mmary, Administrative Officer for Council, Sokoine University of Agriculture.

November 23 2018