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Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
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مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Ibrahim Mouiche


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Ibrahim Mouiche, from Cameroon, holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Yaoundé, and a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Professor Mouiche teaches at the Department of Political Science of the University of Yaoundé II. Since 2015, he has been the ISESCO/FUMI Chair for Cultural Diversity at the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC) of the University of Yaoundé II.
He is author of several publications with national and international publishers and has been awarded several scholarships in CODESRIA programmes and other prestigious research institutes and foundations, including the Alexander von
Humboldt Foundation Scholarship for Experienced Researchers in Germany, the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Five College African Scholars Program of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. His research interests include ethnicity and ethnic minorities, traditional authorities, local politics, gender, Islam and politics related to democratisation in Cameroon.

June 24 2019