Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Gender Series

Number of visits: 3418

As part of CODESRIA’s strategic initiative to achieve genuine gender equality and balance in the academy, and in view of the shift in the gender composition of the social research community in Africa especially since the 1990s as evidenced in the 1997 landmark CODESRIA publication – Engendering African Social Sciences (edited by Ayesha Imam, Amina Mama and Fatou Sow), the Gender Series was launched in 2004 to serve the goal of creatively extending the frontiers of African gender research and to facilitate and nurture publishing by female scholars active in social research. Through this series which has published six books since its launch, CODESRIA has taken a lead role in showcasing the best in African gender research and also in providing a platform for the emergence of new talents to flower.

December 30 2009