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Call for Papers for Special Issue on COVID-19 and Its Effects and Implications to African Economies

Deadline for submission of papers: 30th April, 2022

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It is a well-established notion that promotion of regional development; always resulted into higher degree of socio-economic development; is a sin-quo-non for every country or region irrespective of developed, developing and least developing economies. The African economies are no exception to this notion. There is a greater room for accelerating the pace of growth and development in African economies.

This concept is valid and more relevant for ongoing economic and social development [two faces of the same coin] of African economies. The present crisis of COVID-19 may have far reaching and direct bearing effect, impact and implications to African economies, especially those economies which are facing disastrous crisis of COVID-19 in the African region. Naturally the movement of goods and services are being drastically affected, resulting into unbearable effect on African economies.

Why Special Issue?

Therefore, it is timely; become imperative and topical to ask the academic community, planners, policy makers and professionals across the world in general and African continent in particular to explore and examine the critical issues which are directly and indirectly related to the effect, impact and implications of COVID-19 on African economies.

The following are the topics for the examining the effects, impact and implications of COVID-19 on different components of African Region. The preference or emphasis should be on “Inter-regional and Intra-regional studies and Economic Vis-à-vis Social”. There is a possibility that the authors may also select topics not mentioned below. But the contributors must ensure that contents and spirit should be adhering to on theme of the Special issue “COVID-19 and its impact on and implications to African economies.

The following topics may be covered by the prospective authors:
Pre and Post COVID-19; Economic and Social overview:
COVID-19 and regional; inter-regional and intra-regional economic and social scenario;
COVID-19 and Health care Rising economic and social costs;
COVID-19 and Sectoral analysis;
COVID-19 and Health care Rising economic and social costs;
COVID-19 and Macroeconomic Policy Responses;
COVID-19 and crisis in labour markets;
COVID-19 and Education sector;
COVID-19 and growth forecasting;
Covid-19 Crisis Lockdown, pandemics and quarantine;

Timeline for SI:

Deadline for submission of papers: 30th April, 2022.
The papers should be between 6000-8000 words.
Manuscript Submission Link:

Guest Editor:
Prof. Dr. Badar Alam Iqbal;
Adjunct Professor;
Monarch Business School;
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