Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا
Dans la meme rubrique

⋄ Attracting Foreign Direct Investment for Growth and Development in sub-Saharan Africa : Policy Options and Strategic Alternatives
⋄ Assistance and Conflict : The African Diaspora and Africa’s Development in the Twenty-first Century
⋄ Senegalese Entrepreneurs in the USA and Managerial Decision making : A pilot study
⋄ The Role of NGOs in Canada and the USA in the Transformation of the Socio-Cultural Structures in Africa
⋄ Capitalism, Globalisation and the Underdevelopment Process in Africa : History in Perpetuity
⋄ Globalisation and Labour Utilisation in Nigeria : Evidence from the Construction Industry
⋄ Recent Trends and Patterns in Nigeria’s Industrial Development
⋄ Multiple Determinants of Milk Production in Africa : The Example of the Diversity of Dairy Farming Systems in the Mbarara Area (Uganda)
⋄ The State of the Process of Decentralisation in Cameroon
⋄ Integrating Remote Sensing, GIS, Census, and Socioeconomic Data in Studying the Population–Land Use/Cover Nexus in Ghana : A Literature Update

Afrique et développement, Volume 32, n° 2, 2007

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mars 29 2007