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Amilcal Cabral’s Biography

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Born : September 12, 1924 in Bafatá (Guiné-Bissau) of Cape Verdean father Juvenal Cabral and Guinean mother Iva Pinhel Évora
Studied in the licéu in São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands.

1945 : At age of 21, in Lisbon to study at the "Instituto Superior de Agronomia".

1951 : Helps to create the "Centro de Estudos Africanos" in Lisbon. Enginheiro Agrónomo ( Agrononism, Agronomy engineer) by profession in Guiné.

1956 : September 19 - Founded the PAIGC in Bissau, with Luís Cabral, Aristides Pereira, Rafael Barbosa and two other compatriots. The armed struggle only began in 1963! This same year, while in Angola, Cabral is cofounder of the MPLA (Movimento Popular Libertação de Angola) with Dr. Agostinho Neto and others

1960 : Publishes in English in London under the pseudonym Abel Djassi "Factos acerca das colónias Africanas de Portugal"

1961 : April - "Conferência das Organizações Nacionalistas das colonias Portuguesas" (CONCP), created in Casablanca, Moroco

1962 : June - PAIGC presents to the United Nations "O povo da Guiné perante as Nações Unidas"

1964 : 1st congress of the PAIGC in Cassaca, in the liberated regions of the south of Guiné

1965 : Amilcar Cabral write "As palavras da Ordem" a document delineating the norms to be followed by the party in the revolutionary struggle and in all its activities.

1968 and 1969 : Addresses the Comission of Human Rights at the UN, relating the suffering of the people of CV and Guine under the colonial Portuguese regime.

1969 : Published in London a collection of texts and speeches of Amilcar Cabral, organized by Richard Handyside.

1970 : January - Published the book "Le pouvoir des armes" (O poder das armas) in France.

1970 :
February - Invited to Syracuse University (USA) to participate in a conference honoring the memory of Dr. Eduardo Mondlane, former president of FRELIMO, whom had been assassinated in February 1969. The theme of the conference was "National and Cultural Liberation"

1970 : February - Conference in Rome of "Solidarity for the people of the Portuguese colonies". Pope Paulo VI receives the leaders of the parties for the liberation of the colonies, namely, MPLA, FRELIMO and PAIGC!

1971 : April - At a Press Conference in Stockholm, Cabral denounces the situation of hunger in Cape Verde and the continued complacency and inaction of the colonial Portuguese regime.

1972 : February - Cabral speaks at the 163rd session of the Security Council of the UN and asks the UN to send a delegation of observers to Cape Verde and Guiné to document first hand the reality of the colonies!

1972 : October - During the 4th Commission of the General Assembly of the UN, in the name of the peoples of Guiné and Cape Verde, Cabral is the first representative of a people involved in armed struggle to be given the priviledge of addressing the assembly as an observer.

1973 :
January 20th, Amilcar Cabral is assassinated in Conakry.
Cabral is survived by his three children from his second wife, Cape Verdean Ana Maria Cabral. His first wife was Portuguese, Maria Helena Rodrigues.

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