Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Papers presented at the Conference

17-19, September, 2003, Accra, Ghana

Number of visits: 2747

Panel I : Fanon, Padmore, Nkrumah & the Pan-African Revolutionary Struggle

- Ato Sekyi Otu, Fanon and the Possibility of Postcolonial Critical Imagination

Ato Sekyi Otu

- Helmi Sharawy, Fanon and the African Revolution, in the Context of Globalization Process

Helmi Sharawy

- Elika M’bokolo, Padmore, Nkrumah, CLR James et l’ideologie de lutte panafricaine

Elika M’bokolo

- Kofi Awoonor, Nkrumah, Communism, Culture and Pan-African Ideology

Panel II: Divergent Directions in African Intellectual History: Cheikh Anta Diop vrs Senghor and Cesaire

- Joachim E. Goma-Thethet, Egyptologie, reappropriation de l’histoire et panafricanisme dans l’ouvre de Cheikh Anta Diop

Joachim E. Goma-Thethet

- Abiola Irele, Leopold Sedar Senghor

- Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Senghor and Bergson

Souleymane Bachir Diagne

- Geoffroy Botoyiye, Actualite philosphique de la pensee d’Aime Cesaire

Geoffroy Botoyiye

Panel III: Foundation Works in African Literature

- Wumi Raji, A Half-Way House : Identity & Memory in African Fictions of Exile

Wumi Raji

- Ayobani Kehinde, Post-Colonial African Literature and Counter-Discourse: J.M Coetzee’s Fiction and Reworking of Canonical Works

Ayobani Kehinde

- W. Okumu-Bigambo, Towards a Culture of Competence, Ethics and Responsibility in African Arts: Reflections on Okot p’Bitek’s Artistic Heritage

- Wendo Nabea, Canonization Kiswahili Poetry through the Metric System

Wendo Nabea

- Austin Nwagbara, The Mbari Heritage and Cross-Cultural Literaty Aesthetics: the English Language and the Achebe Tradition of Pluralingual Significations in Nigeria Literature

Austin Nwagbara

- Gbemisola Remi Adeoti, Canonizing the Hole in Africa’s Post-Colonial Zero: An exploration of the Dramaturgy of Kole Omotoso

- Bandele Bulola, Gender in Canon Formation in African Literature

Bandele Bulola

Panel IV: Peter Ekeh & ’The Two Publics’

- Richard Joseph, Peter Ekeh’s ’The Two Publics’ and Predatory Rule in Africa

- Eghosa Osaghae, Colonialism and Civil Society in Africa : the Perspectives of Peter Ekeh’s ’Two Publics’

Eghosa Osaghae

- Isaac Tarus, Interrogating Peter Ekeh’s Model of ’Two Public Realms’ and its application to Kenya

Isaac Tarus

Panel V: Slavery & Colonialism

- E.S. Denis Fomin, Slavery Artifacts and Colonial Heritage in Africa

- Slave Routes: a Trail So Long Gone [a 15-part TV documentary, directed by Doris Kuwornu]

- Paul Middeljin: A Television Dialogue

Panel VI: Pan-Africanism in the Face of a Predatory Globalisation

- Franci Njubi, Loose Canons: Space, Race and Nation in African Studies

Franci Njubi

- Alieu S.T. Taal, Pan-Africanism: a suspended reality

Alieu S.T. Taal

- Nguelieutou T. Auguste, Le panafricanisme face a la menace de la mondialisation

Nguelieutou T. Auguste

- Paul Ehioze Idahosa, Contradictions of Recapturing a Relevant Past: Pan-Africanism in the age of globalization

Paul Ehioze Idahosa

Panel VII: Foundation Works in African History

- Bourema Diamitani, Restitution du patrimoine historique pille pour une renaissance culturalle Africaine

Bourema Diamitani

- Fru Awason, Canons of Anglophone and Francophone Historiography and the Problematic of the ’Iron Curtain’

Fru Awason

- Sabo Bako, Islam and Political Though in Pre-Colonial West Africa: some preliminary observations on the cannonical works of the Sokoto Caliphate

Sabo Bako

- Moumouni Seyni, Tradition manuscrite et pensee socio-politique et culturelle en Afrique: soufisme dans l’œuvre du Cheikh Uthman dan Fodio (1754-1817)

Moumouni Seyni

- Samson Moenga, The Works of B.A Ogot in Kenyan History

Samson Moenga

- Isaac Olawale Albert, Beyond K.O. Dike et. al.: Canonical Works on Oral Historiography of Africa and the Challenge for Contemporary Social Science Research

Isaac Olawale Albert

Panel VIII: Gender in Canon Formation

- Rudo Gaidzanwa, Gender and Canon Formation: Women, Men and Literaty Art in Africa

Rudo Gaidzanwa

- Dorothy A. Nyakwaka, The Gender Factor in Kenya’s Canon Formation: Challenges in Continuing Innovations in History

Dorothy A. Nyakwaka

- Richard Ssewakiryanga, ’That Beijing Thing!’: Challenging Transnaitonal Feminisms in Kampala, Uganda

Richard Ssewakiryanga

- Damina U. Opata, Gender and Canon Formation in Nigerian Literature in English: A Search for a Useable Past

Damina U. Opata

- Esi Sutherland-Addy, Women in Their Own Time: the Women Writing Africa Project

Panel XI: Foundation Works in African Philosophy

- Olufemi Taiwo, Beyond the Usual Suspects: Towards Renewing th Foundations of African Philosophy

Olufemi Taiwo

- J.K. Ayantayo, African Traditional Ethics and Transformation: Innovation, Ambivalence & Modification for 21st Century African Intellectual Scholarship

J.K. Ayantayo

- Kolawole, Owolabi, Between Cultural Nationalism and Globalization: a critical interrogation of Appiah’s canonical work, ’In My Father’s House.

Kolawole, Owolabi

- Idowu William, Humean Ghost Positivism and African Cultural Heritage: Africa’s Challenge to Jurisprudence

Idowu William

Panel X: Foundation Works in African Music & Dance

- Kofi Agawu, Nketia’s ’The Music of Africa’ and the Foundations of African Musicology

Kofi Agawu

- Dele Layiwola, Conceptualizing African Dance Theatre

Dele Layiwola

- Monou Djekrif, Chaabania à Constatine, une fête cachant une autre fete

Monou Djekrif

- Abderrame Ngaide & El-Erby Ould Saleck, Conscience, identitaire et/ou dissidence culturelle? Musique, danse et transes chez les Haratin de Mauritanie

Abderrame Ngaide & El-Erby Ould Saleck

Panel XI: Foundation Works in African Popular Arts

- F.E.M.K. Senkoro, Rethinking Arts & Culture in 21st Century East Africa

- Mshai S. Mwangola, Completing the Cycle: Stage to Page to State

Mshai S. Mwangola

- Onookome Okome, Self-Styling and the Video Film in Africa

- Agbenyega Adedze, "Stamped" African Women: A Century Postal Art in Africa

- Felicia ArudoYieke, Graffiti: Vandalism or Expression of Academic Freedom and Intellectualism at Universities in Kenya

Felicia ArudoYieke

- Oluyemi Olaniyan, The Evolution of the Technique & Creativity of Fuji, a Nigerian Popular Music Genre

Oluyemi Olaniyan

- John Collins, Popular Music Studies in the Ghanaian/African Educational System

John Collins
March 30 2010