Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Globalization Studies Network Second International Conference : Globalization: Overcoming Exclusion, Strengthening Inclusion

29-31 August, 2005, Dakar, Senegal

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The Globalisation Studies Network (GSN), an association of over 100 institutions from nearly 50 countries
around the world united by a shared preoccupation to promote a better understanding of the processes and
structures of globalization, is pleased to announce its second international conference which is scheduled to
take place in Dakar, Senegal, from 29 to 31 August 2005, and to invite abstracts and panel proposals from
those wishing to be part of the conference. The umbrella theme around which the conference will be held is:
Globalisation: Overcoming Exclusion, Strengthening Inclusion

The framework document of the GSN observes that “globalizing dynamics are unfolding at accelerating
rates in every realm of human endeavour …” (see the GSN website at: The inaugural
conference of the Network which was held in Coventry in August 2004 and hosted by the Centre for the
Study of Globalization and Regionalization of the University of Warwick was devoted to an exploration of
all aspects of these dynamics as captured by the research, teaching and policy advocacy preoccupations of
the numerous institutions and organizations that were represented at the meeting. The second conference is
designed to focus reflection on the discontents of globalization in the ways in which they have manifested
themselves and with a view to exploring the challenges of making the process more inclusive, representative
and equitable. The conference will be hosted by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research
in Africa (CODESRIA) at its headquarters city of Dakar, Senegal, and will feature the presentation of keynote
addresses and papers in plenary and parallel sessions. English and French have been adopted as the
working languages for the conference and authors of paper abstracts and panel proposals are encouraged
to make their submissions in either one of these languages. Every effort will be made to accommodate as
many of the abstracts and panel proposals which are received; funds will be available to support participants
from developing and transitional countries. An opportunity will also be provided for participating institutions
and programmes to exhibit some of their outputs during the conference.

March 31 2010

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