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Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe: Impact of Remittances from South Africa

France Maphosa. Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe: Impact of Remittances from South Africa. Dakar, CODESRIA, 2009, 69 p. ISBN 2-86978-240-2

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The volume of remittances to developing countries has been growing significantly, particularly over the last twenty years. The total value of remittances flowing through official channels worldwide more than doubled between 1988 and 1999. Most of these remittances are channeled through unofficial means by undocumented migrants. While there is growing realization of its importance as a source of livelihood and development finance, there has not been much focus on remittances from undocumented migrants.

Within the context of deteriorating economic conditions in Zimbabwe, this study shows the impact of remittances from undocumented migrants on household livelihoods in rural Zimbabwe. While based on a case study of a small community in Zimbabwe, the study provides material that underscores the significance of remittances from undocumented migrants for household livelihoods and development. The study is a useful addition to the literature on migration, remittances and development, and highly relevant to policy making.

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November 7 2009