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Algeria : The Challenge of Modernity

Algeria : The Challenge of Modernity. Ali El- Kenz. Dakar, CODESRIA, 1991, 331 p., ISBN: 2-86987-004-4 (paperback) ISBN: 2-86978-005-2 (cased)

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Cet ouvrage est également disponible en français: L’Algérie et la modernité

This work is without doubt highly relevant for the understanding of societal relations, change and development in Algeria and more generally in the north of Africa.

Inga Brandell and Fatiha Talahite, Review of African Political Economy

Although completed before the outbreak of the massive upheavals that have plagued Algeria since 1988, this collection brings to light the deteriorating and increasingly fragile relationship between state and society that set the current crisis in motion. Algeria: The Challenge of Modernity should not only form part of the collection of libraries with specialized holdings on the Maghreb but, because it addresses important issues relevant to the politics and economics of development throughout the continent, should also be included in all Africana collections.

Kenneth J. Perkins, African book Publishing Record.

July 23 1991