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Education and Financing in Africa: The Kenyan Case Study

Education and Financing in Africa: The Kenyan Case Study. Aloys B. Ayako, Titus M. Katembu, Juliana W. Nzomo & John K.M. Monyoncho. Dakar, CODESRIA-ADEA, 2006, 96 p., ISBN 2-86978-177-6

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The Kenya study, part of a series of case studies by the Education and Finance Working Group, explores ways of reinforcing the capacity and competence of the Ministry of Education in Kenya in building a framework for collaboration, information exchange and the optimal use of financial resources. The series analyses the best practices used in managing and allocating resources, and evaluating the education sector.

The study further highlights challenges in determining who should finance what in the cost-sharing scheme, how to counter the imbalance in allocations between personnel and non personnel salaries, poor management of resources and lack of accountability, and effectively handle centralised budgeting and management systems and the weaknesses in the harmonisation of policy, planning and budgeting. The study is rich in detail and offers original directions for a comparison with other African experiences.

July 23 2006