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The State Development and Politics in Ghana

The State Development and Politics in Ghana. Edited by Emmanuel Hansen & Kwame A. Ninsin. Dakar, CODESRIA, 1989, 300 p., ISBN 9781870784054

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This collection of ten essays focuses and analyses Ghana’s political, economic, agrarian and social development. The authors are all Ghanaian scholars, and they reflect on their country’s experience from different perspectives, providing an indigenous voice to the debate about the country’s development.

The subjects covered are the state, capital and labour relations 1961-1987 ; from GTP to Assene : aspects of industrial working class struggles 1982-1986 ; women’s political organizations 1951-1987 ; changing relations between the IMF and the Government of Ghana 1960-1987 ; financial intermediation and economic development ; trends in foreign policy after Nkrumah ; the land question since the 1950s ; the state and food agriculture ; policies and politics of export agriculture ; and the problems of the health care delivery system.

août 20 1989