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Stanford Initiative on Transparency, Accountability, and Citizen Engagement in West Africa (TRACE): Postdoctoral Fellowship

Country: USA
Education: Doctoral degree in economics or political science
Language Requirement: English and French
Length of Commitment: Two years
Start Date: September 2017 (tentative)

The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) is pleased to announce a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship with their new initiative on Transparency, Accountability, and Citizen Engagement in West Africa (TRACE). The fellow will be based at Stanford University, and work with the principal investigators, Pascaline Dupas (Economics) and Jeremy Weinstein (Political Science), as well as with other Stanford affiliated researchers.

TRACE is a new initiative within SIEPR that aims at furthering our understanding of what interventions can strengthen the ability of citizens to obtain high quality governance and services. The initiative will focus on Francophone West Africa, a region that has to date received much less scholarly attention than other parts of the African continent, but where a number of open government and other transparency and accountability initiatives have been or are being put in place. The initiative will yield concrete suggestions on how existing knowledge can be leveraged to design new interventions and will suggest studies to close existing knowledge gaps. The initiative is funded through a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Global Development and Population Program.

This position is expected to lead to one or more co-authored papers. It also opens the possibility for independent research projects. This fellowship is designed to help the selected candidate launch a successful academic or non-academic research career by allowing him or her to gain experience working with government and civil society stakeholders in the field, and by developing a personal research pipeline.

Fellowship responsibilities include:

• To review existing programs and the corresponding literature (including literature published in French) on local governance, accountability, political behavior norms, and citizen participation, with a specific focus on West Africa.
• To identify gaps in the knowledge base and to propose key areas for interventions and future research.
• To make trips to West Africa to conduct interviews and focus group discussions with organizations who have previous experience in implementing such programs, and other important stakeholders, including intended beneficiaries (citizens, including both those with prior experience engaging government/public officials and those without) and facilitators
• To combine the findings from the activities above into a background paper for widespread
• To organize one or more workshops with stakeholders in West Africa to disseminate the lessons learned in the background paper, understanding partners’ needs and priorities, building capacity, securing buy-in for evidence-informed decision-making, and identifying new evaluation opportunities.

Fore more information, see the pdf file.

Stanford Initiative on Transparency, Accountability, and Citizen Engagement in West Africa (TRACE): Postdoctoral Fellowship

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