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Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa



The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the second-highest governing organ of CODESRIA after the General Assembly. It provides strategic leadership to the Council and exercises oversight over the Council’s overall activities that are implemented by the Executive Secretariat. The Committee is elected by the General Assembly and has 10 members, with equal representation from the five sub-regions of the continent: Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa and West Africa.

The Committee meets at least twice a year to assess programme implementation and approve the annual budget and work plan of the Council.

The Committee is accountable to the General Assembly and is chaired by the President, with the Executive Secretary as an ex-officio member.

Members of the current Executive Committee were elected at the 15th General Assembly held in 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. They include:

Executive Committee Members

Isabel M. Casimiro


Rokhaya Fall


Former Presidents of CODESRIA

Dzodzi Tsikata

2015 – 2018

Fatima Harrak

2011 – 2015

Sam Moyo

2008 – 2011

Teresa Cruz E Silva

2005 – 2008

Zenebeworke Tadesse

2003 – 2005

Mahmood Mamdani

1998 – 2002

Akilagpa Sawyer

1995 – 1998

Ernest Wamba-Dia-Wamba

1992 – 1995

Taladidia Thiombiano

1989 – 1992

Claude Ake

1986 – 1989

Jacob Mumbi Mwanza

1982 – 1985

Justinian F. Rweyemamu

1979 – 1981

Kankam Twum-Barima

1976 – 1979

Previous Executive Committees of CODESRIA

Executive Committee Members (1998 -2001)

President: Mahmood Mamdani

Vice-President: Sam Moyo


  • Abdeljélil Bédoui
  • Abouhani Abdelghani
  • Akilagpa Sawyerr
  • Alcinda Honwana
  • Eric Aseka
  • Marie Angélique Savané
  • Paul Nzété

Executive Committee Members (2002 -2005)

President: Zenebeworke Tadesse

Vice-President: Paulin Hountondji

Sub-Committee on Programmes:

  • Teresa Cruz e Silva (Chair)
  • Shahida El Baz
  • Paulin Hountondji
  • Issa Shivji
  • Zenebeworke Tadesse

Sub-Committee on Governance:

  • Jimi Adesina (Chair)
  • Georges Kobou
  • Andre Mbata Mangu
  • Guy Mhone
  • Nouria Remaoun

Executive Committee Members (2005 -2008)

President: Teresa Cruz e Silva

Vice-President: Georges Kobou

Sub-Committee on Programmes:

  • Jimi Adesina (Chair)
  • Seithy Loth Chachage (décédé en juillet 2006) replaced by Catherine Kitetu (from décember 2006)
  • Noel Obotela Rachidi
  • Onalenna Selolwane
  • Teresa Cruz e Silva

Sub-Committee on Governance:

  • Abouhani Abdelghani (Chair)
  • Kimba Idrissa
  • Georges Kobou
  • Godwin Murunga
  • Nouria Remaoun

Executive Committee Members (2008 -2011)

President: Sam Moyo

Vice-President: Fatima Harrak

Sub-Committee on Programmes:

  • Onalenna Selolwane (Chair)
  • Kofi Anyidoho
  • Fatima Harrak
  • Godwin Murunga
  • Gerard Tchouassi

Sub-Committee on Governance:

  • Noel Obotela (Chair)
  • Shahida El Baz
  • Idrissa Kimba
  • Sam Moyo
  • Fekeni E.M.K. Senkoro

Executive Committee Members (2011 -2015)

President: Fatima Harrak

Vice-President: Dzodzi Tsikata

Sub-Committee on Programmes:

  • Fikene E.M.K. Senkoro (Chair)
  • Dzodzi Tsikata
  • Claudio Alves Furtado
  • Puleng Lenka-Bula
  • Ngodi Etanislas

Sub-Committee on Governance:

  • Helmy Sharawy (Chair)
  • Fatima Harrak
  • Jessie Kabwila Kapasula
  • Emmanuel Yenshu Vubo
  • Kenneth Inyani Simala

Executive Committee Members (2015 -2018)

President: Dzodzi Tsikata

Vice-President: Nkolo Foe

Sub-Committee on Programmes:

  • Kenneth Inyani Simala (Chair)
  • Khalid Ali El Amin Ali
  • Hassan Remaoun
  • Isabel Maria Casimiro
  • Dzodzi Tsikata

Sub-Committee on Governance:

  • Puleng Lenka Bula (Chair)
  • Andre Mbata Mangu
  • Nkolo Foe
  • Rokhaya Fall
  • Sleheddine Ben Frej